“When we come home these days, we can’t help smiling because our home looks warm, inviting and beautiful.

We had never previously used an interior designer, but engaging Debra Ferrier Interiors was one of the best decisions we ever made. Her design skills have given us delightful new living spaces.

She exhibited extraordinary creativity and a strong knowledge of products, fabrics and services; her customer service skills are unmatched.

Deb makes your home a reflection of you and incorporates your favorite pieces of furniture in her designs. She sometimes moves a piece of art or furniture into a different space where it takes on a new life.

Deb has reasonable consultation fees. We enjoyed Deb’s enthusiasm and sense of humor. She is an excellent communicator, dependable in her follow-through and attention to detail.

We would highly recommend Debra Ferrier Interiors to our friends. “

- Chuck & Marian Lockwood

“Debra Ferrier has the uncanny ability to pick the perfect color pallet for any room. Even from the smallest color swatch, she is able to tell you how it will look on a much larger wall, piece of furniture or window treatment.

No one matches Deb's breadth of knowledge and experience for every room in your house. She has refined, elegant taste, but is able to keep it realistic for normal living with kids, dogs, or messy husbands.”

- Sylvia Tunis , Berlin MD

Her gift for design aside, Deb has a delightful personality. She keeps her smile and humor during the most stressful of times. Because of this, she has extensive contacts and goodwill in the design world. A joy to work with!

- Tina Skinner, Director of Oxford Arts Alliance
in reference to Debra's work as Designer Chair
of the Stonebridge Mansion Showhouse 2011